MJL – National Exposure

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Recently I took on the job of redesigning MJL Electrical’s website so that it was fresher and responsive. Initially this was going to be a straight forward task, but two factors spiced it up a little,
a) The old site was hosted by Yell, and
b) MJL were sponsoring the Huddersfield Giants match broadcasting live on Sky Sports on a Friday night.

This meant that a normal redesign was inevitably slowed down and hampered by the nuisance of Yell, but also it had to be looking good when the domain is shown on Sky Sports to thousands of viewers – as well as the 7,000 local supporters in the stadium.

To get the job done as quick as possible I used a bootsrap structure rather than building from the ground up like I normally do. This seemed to be effective as by the night before the game the site was tested, approved and ready. We just had to spend 40 minutes on hold to Yell and then keep fingers crossed that the nameservers would switch-over in time…


It was a success! Helped by a floodlight failure at the stadium which delayed kick-off, and therefore any obvious promotion, but once the game started the new website was live.

As a result, 80% of the hits over the first weekend were from direct traffic, something pretty rare among my sites, which suggests people saw the domain and had a look. All in all, a job well done.

August is the month for Ecommerce

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I have completed two ecommerce sites this month, both have been ongoing projects for some time so it’s pretty exciting to get them up and running (and hopefully the sales flying in).

The first to go live was CR47, a carpet and rug retailer in Halifax looking to compete with the big boys through their growing reputation of quality and service. The site is a rebuild from an exiting website but now catalogues their vast product range and allows for sales of certain rugs and accessories through the website.

The second is Travel Tots UK, who provide an excellent service for parents travelling with little ones. They will package up all your foods, milks, nappies, wipes, medicines and accessories, then send them to your location by UPS. It saves you the hassle of trying to find your favourite products locally, or busting your baggage allowance with powdered milk!

Good luck to both sites. If you want an e-commerce website, send me an email on info@happyhoundwebdesign.com.

Berrys Electrical Up and Running

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This week I completed the website for Berry’s Electrical, a new local electrical firm covering all areas of commercial and domestic electrics.

They have a lovely new responsive website, www.berryselectrical.co.uk which follows their simple and elegant logo which was also developed in house. After completing a few jobs recently, they realised they probably should also have some business cards too, so voilà, business cards and flyers designed and printed as requested.

bc.indd ul_A5.indd

Another happy client!

A Few New Responsive Sites

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The last month has been pretty busy helping three existing clients go mobile with a new site design.

Ian Shaw Joinery: www.ianshawjoinery.co.uk
Ian get’s most of his domestic business via his site and through analytic’s we discovered none of his mobile hits were converting into calls. So he now has a fully mobile site and a refreshed design to boost conversions.

Elegant Chairs: www.elegantchairs.net
Vicky had been looking for an update for a while, so we included mobile design in the revamp. She is now very happy with her slick new look and improved gallery of work.

Ian Sinicki Medical Massage: www.iansinicki.co.uk
Ian was finding that many clients couldn’t access his site on their mobiles, so as he has just opened a new treatment room he thought it was time to update his site to mobile too.

All these happy clients took advantage of the New Year deal, but it’s too late if you want to go mobile too. Get in touch with me or give me a call on 01484 350146 to see if we can work out a discounted package – just quote IAN&VICKY.

Happy New Financial Year

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Just a quick post to say it’s a new year business but Happy Hound will be keeping prices the same, again.

Let’s hope it proves to be another good year as responsive design and mobile development take centre stage.