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Websites for your Mobile

In our modern world of smart phones and high speed wireless Internet, more people are starting to access websites from their mobile devices - whether that be a phone or a tablet. It has become increasingly important for website designers to factor in the different screen sizes and resolutions on such devices, and also to embrace the technological advances they provide.

Meanwhile, computer screens are getting increasingly bigger, and now people can view websites on their widescreen TV's. So whilst trying to design for the small mobile screen, website designers need to also design for the large-scale monitors and screens. This is called responsive design. See this example page. Re size your browser and watch how it changes and everything fits on the screen and remains readable.

Until recently I would charge customers extra for this service, but after realizing that almost 20% of all hits on my websites come from non-standard monitors and devices, I felt it was too important to sites in the dark. So as of 2013, all new Happy Hound Websites are responsive.

A Step Further

But we can do even more. If your website is likely to attract a lot of customers on mobile devices, or mobile customers could benefit from extra features, I can turn your website into app when accessed on a mobile phone.

An example of this is the Urbanescape website. When accessed on a computer or tablet it looks totally different to when it is viewed on a mobile phone. It switches to bigger buttons that make it easier to navigate, it has less content that is more direct, and it even gives directions to the Beauty Salon from your current location or whereever you choose to set off from.

This is just the start of what can be done on mobile websites. If you think that your business would benefit from a mobile website then please contact me now.