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Search Engine Optimisation Is Important

There will always be buzzwords and acronyms bouncing around the Internet and the world of design, but one that has been at the forefront for the longest time imaginable is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation

It means getting your website into the search engines, which is where people will find you. Long gone are days of "looking you up in the Yellow Pages", and with so much competition it is important to stand out. With the fast pace of everyday life, and the superfast broadband at peoples fingertips, the way things work is simple, "Google it". Whatever comes up first, open it, if it doesn't give you what you want straight away then go back and try the next few websites before settling for the best.

So that means that you need to be at the top of Google, or as close to it as possible. But not only that, you need the best site there!

Payment on Success

Happy Hound Web Design is proud to offer you the best terms available - you do not pay until you get the results you want.

It is that simple. Many designers, and companies will "guarantee" you number one spot in Google, but this is impossible. Google is very clever and is always changing the goalposts on what is a good site and what is a bad site - and this is what makes them the best search engine, you (the searcher) get the results you want.

What is possible however, and what is fair, is to ask you what three keywords or phrases describe your business best. Then to honestly tell you an achievable target for your website in Google based on this criteria. If we can agree on the targets and the matching price, then I will get to work, and you won't pay until the targets are met.

Told you it was simple.


Example One: Urbanescape

Julie runs a beauty salon, so for starters that was the most important Google search. Once her website was at the top of Google for "Beauty Salon", we discussed her most important products and treatments.

These carried less importance, but she is still a major player for "Skin Care Centre", "Dermalogica", and recently she added "Gel Nails" and "Minx Nails" to her list of Google beating searches!


Example Two: Barnsley Beer Company

They produce beers, so they need to be top of Google for all their beers. With some interesting products such as "Bobby Dazzler", "Bee By Gum" and "Coil Oil", they are easily distinguished in a search for their products.

With competition from rival brands, pubs, and beer associations, they also need to be right at the top for a search with anything to do with Beer in Barnsley. "Traditional Ale", "Real Beer", and "Proper Beer" are a few examples.


Example Three: Wheelie Wash

Wheelie Wash Wash Wheelie Bins! Bit of a tongue twister but that is what they do, and they do it in Huddersfield. So any search in Google for people wanting have their "Wheelie Bin Washed", or more specifically, "Wheelie Bin Cleaning" and they will find Wheelie Wash as the top business.