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Terms and Conditions


  1. Standards: All Happy Hound websites are designed using a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. This is to get the latest and most advanced features available to give the client the best possible website. Other coding languages and design practices are available upon request. The client should be aware that using these languages can have some adverse effect in older browsers, and Happy Hound strongly recommends all users update browsers. Where third-party software is used (Blogs, Forums, E-commerce), Happy Hound cannot guarantee the compliance of it's source code, although Happy Hound always takes care to select the best packages for your purpose.
  2. Compatibility: All Happy Hound websites are rigorously tested in different versions of the main browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, & Opera) to ensure all users gain a similar experience. We do however point out to the client the importance of using the latest versions of web browsers and that modern website features may not render properly on older browser versions. This also does not cover mobile browsers which need to be considered separately.
  3. Scope: In most instances a client has a general idea of what they want for a website. Happy Hound will take the suggestion and make the first draft. If the client has no suggestions, Happy Hound will make a sample (or samples) of what the website could look like - these samples will be in an image format and are not classed as a first draft. All website packages assume that the client will provide the written content and images. Happy Hound will insert content into the design and format it for web browsers. We are happy to make changes to the content where errors have been made (either from source or by Happy Hound), and changes to content and design upon the first draft only. Any re-drafting and changing of the content after the second draft will be charged at the going rate.
  4. Inclusive Price: The price of designing and building a website (whether it be full, one-page or re-design) is not fully inclusive. It does not include hosting, domains, licensed graphics, logo creation, dynamic functionality, or databases. The fee is for design and build of the website only.
  5. Limits: A full website (including website re-design) has no set limit on the number of pages allowed, but this is within a reasonable limit. At the design stage recommendations are made as to the best way of laying out a website. Any additions to the originally agreed design will be charged at the going rate. A one-page website does not include a full website made to one page. It must follow one theme and fit to a maximum of three scrolls on a standard monitor.
  6. Third Party: Happy Hound can install any extra software onto your site that the client require. If licenses are required the fee will increase as required.
  7. Packages: The prices listed on our website for designing and building websites assume the client will be using Happy Hound hosting. If the client does not opt for hosting, the fee for the website will be charged at a higher rate.

Mobile Websites

  1. Installation: To make a website compatible with mobile browsers, special code is required to determine the device and change the content accordingly. The price charged by Happy Hound is to install this code and re-organise the content, not add different or extra content. If more content is required it will be charged at the going rate.
  2. Distribution: A mobile compatible website is not classed as app and will not be available to download as such.


  1. Package price: E-commerce websites are priced as a package of the cost of the software to run the system and the cost of designing a website to sit on top. If e-commerce is required for an existing website, the fee will be for the software and installation only.
  2. Single payments: If the client wishes to take payments on the website but does not require the security and stock management of a complex e-commerce database system, e.g. selling one single product (such as an e-book), or a service (e.g. subscriptions), then the E-commerce system is not required. A fee will be charged to incorporate a payment gateway.
  3. Transaction fees: E-commerce websites also carry a transaction fee for making sales. This is not set by Happy Hound and Happy Hound do not take any cut of these fees. They are set and charged by the bank that the client chooses to handle the payments. The most common merchant account is PayPal who charge a small fee per sale (about 20p plus 3.4% of sale - please refer to PayPal for current fee's). A merchant account is required for e-commerce.

Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Submission: All Happy Hound websites are designed in a way that search engines can understand and will comply with. If the client wishes to be professionally listed (added directly into the search engines database) an annual fee will be charged. This service would give every chance that a search for the domain name and possibly brand name will give the client page one results - usually above the fold (top half).
  2. Targeted SEO: To optimise a website with chosen keywords the above insertion fee is a pre-requisite. For targeted optimisation, Happy Hound will focus the code within the website to chosen keywords, or search terms. This may require some changes to the wording and design of a website, but will be minimal and necessary.
  3. Payment on success: If SEO is successful and the targets set-out and agreed by Happy Hound and the client are achieved, the agreed fee will be invoiced in full. Before work is undertaken both parties will need to agree a pre-seo agreement on what will be achieved and at what fee.
  4. Position: Once a position is gained within a search engine it will stay there unless other websites around it become more favourable or new websites enter the market. The fee charged for targeted SEO does not cover redeeming a declining position. If the client wants to improve the search position, or the position declines, the targeted SEO process begins again. It needs to be noted that if the client changes the targets, other previous targets may be affected by changes.
  5. Management & Reporting: Once listed within the main search engines, Happy Hound will be able to produce data on visitors and rankings upon request (max six times a year) where the client chooses to take a management package. This will not only give accurate data on the website usage, but in the event of a fall in rankings, Happy Hound will carry out works to improve position for no additional fee - except where additional paid for services are required.

Hosting, Domains & Emails

  1. Limits: All Happy Hound hosting packages have set limits. If the client exceeds any of the limits, the client will be given the option to upgrade the package. If the client declines, the client will be fined at the going rate for each occasion the client exceeds any limits.
  2. Emails: An email account is set as an address with a mailbox limit that is incorporated within in the webspace allowance. Email accounts set-up on any domain other that the primary will require an additional fee for extra hosting.
  3. Webmail: Emails are accessed through webmail at http://webmail.yourdomain.com
  4. Mail clients: If the client wishes to access emails through an email client such as Outlook or through a mobile device, please contact Happy Hound for access details.
  5. Third party: The client is not required to purchase hosting or domains from Happy Hound but works carried out will be higher on non-hosted sites.
  6. Price increases: Occasionally Happy Hound will need to increase hosting prices where costs have gone up. These increases will be reflected on an annual basis, i.e. if the client pays for one years hosting they will be charged at the current rate for the full year. The client is not given a price for life.

Content Management and Website Maintenance

  1. Happy Hound Web Manager: This is a custom built CMS package by Happy Hound. It is customised to the clients website with specific tasks. The price for access to the package is a set fee, but the fee to create tasks can vary based upon requirements. Please speak to Happy Hound to understand more about this.
  2. Edit Static Content: Happy Hound uses WordPress and Concrete5 to allow clients to edit their own content.
  3. Hire Happy Hound: If the client requires Happy Hound to manage the website, we can be hired either by an annual fee or by paying the going rate as when required.
  4. Questions: Happy Hound will answer questions regarding the website, but will not explain in any detail how to make changes unless a specific training session is requested which will be charged.
  5. Packages: The prices listed on our website for CMS assumes the client will already have a Happy Hound designed website. If the client does not require a website, the fee for the CMS will be charged at a different rate.
  6. Limits: Unless otherwise stated, annual maintenance packages are limited to twelve changes per year.

Images & Graphics

  1. Image rights: Happy Hound acquire images from professional image banks who use real artwork by real artists. These images are often protected by a licence which requires a fee to allow usage. These fees depend upon the size, author, usage, resolution and content of the images. Happy Hound will not publish any unlicensed images and where license fee's are required the client will be informed and required to cover the fee. If the client wishes to use their own images the client must prove the source, and accept any liability.
  2. Graphic design: Graphic design can be offered by an external graphic designer. These fee's are not listed and will be quoted upon request. Happy Hound can produce basic imagery and graphics in-house. The fee for such will be quoted upon request.


  1. Rights: Happy Hound gives the ownership of the website to the client as soon as payment has been fulfilled. Happy Hound asks that they be credited with the work through a link on the website and given permission to list the work within the Happy Hound portfolio. Once the payment is complete, the client is free to make changes to the website but no refunds will be issued on the work carried out or the hosting and domains. Ownership refers to the content being the property of the client. They can change it as they wish and use it in anyway they please.
  2. Access: Passwords, FTP, and access will be provided to the client upon request.

Payments & Refunds

  1. Pre-payment: Where a website is hosted by Happy Hound, we require no pre-payment except the cost of hosting and domains to be paid in full prior to starting work. If a website is independently hosted, we require 25% (a minimum of £50) payment prior to works beginning. Where we agree to produce a sample design, no pre-payment is required until acceptance of the design.
  2. Payment methods: Happy Hound accepts payments by Bank Transfer, BACS, Cheque, Cash and PayPal. Payment details will be supplied on the invoice.
  3. Currency: Happy Hound will only accept payment in British Pounds (£) unless special circumstances are agreed.
  4. Terms: Happy Hound asks for payment within 20 days of invoice. If payment is not made, a second request will be made. If no contact is established within a week of this second request, the work carried out will be removed from the public domain until payment is achieved in full. Charges or interest may be added to the original invoice where additional work or cost is required. Future works carried out will require pre-payment at 50%.
  5. Payment on success: The SEO payment on success offer requires the pre-payment of SEO submission plus management and reporting for one year. Before work is carried out an agreement will be made on what is to be achieved. It will be at the discretion of Happy Hound as to when this is achieved and invoiced accordingly. If the client disputes the position of the rankings or refuses to pay the invoice, the website will be blocked from search engines until the invoice is settled.
  6. Refunds: No refunds will be issued for any work carried out (i.e. time taken) or costs covered (i.e. hosting, domains, image or third-party licences).